Snippets - Friendly Level 

Dances Taught

2/11/23 with Donna McCarthy and Forty

Big Spender  by Julia Wetzel

Dance 365   by Jill Weiss

Broken Wings   by Raymond Sarlemijn

Hit the Road Jack  by Larry Bass

Oh Oh Na Na Cha  by Jef Camps and Roy Verdonk

Spicy Margarita  by Jean-Pierre Madge, Fred Whitehouse

Jan 29, 2023  1/29/23 with Bradley Mather

Southern Soul Bounce by The King & 1, Roy Verdonk & Ira Weisburd

The King & I , Roy Verdonk  & Ira Weisburd 

When Will I Be Loved by Gary O’Reilly

Be A Better Man by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk

Hit The Road Jack by Larry Pass

Eyes For You by Jo Thompson-Szymanski

Give Me Your Tempo by Nathan Gardiner

Back Street Attitude by Jamie Marshall

11/26/22 with Sarah Preston-Britto & Forty Arroyo

  Stretchy Pants c. Debra Cleckler

 Wanna Make U Move c. Forty  

 Mama Don't Dance c. Doug Miranda and Jackie Miranda  

 Mack The Knife  c. Rachael McEnaney-White  

 Dancing with Seoul c. Simon Ward, Rebecca Lee & Paul Snooke 

   Sarah: Another One Bites The Dust c. Ryan Hunt 

10/15/22 with Donna McCarthy

Heaven’s Jukebox:  by Jose Miguel Belloque Vane and Willie Brown

Mucara Walk (oldie) by John Steel

If Not For You  by Alison Johnstone and Joshua Talbot

Impossible Love by Niels Poulsen

2 Stepping Away by Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler, and Kate Sala

Mojo Rhythm  (oldie)  by Rob Fowler

7/22/22 with Bradley Mather

Smokes & Stone by Maddison Glover

Juke Box by Jo thompson-Szymanski

Gleeful Waltz by Frank Trace

Sam Cookes by Michele Perron

5/7/22 with Steve Cavanaugh & Forty

Get the Point by Lacey Key 

We’re Good to Go by Rob Fowler

Love You Now by Maggie Gallagher.

Just A Tick by Forty

Easy Tonight by Michele Wright

Encore teach: 1 Minus 1 by Forty

Celia by Steve Cavanaugh  

4/23/22 AB workshop with Ronda Bertrand & Forty

4/9/22 with John Robinson (mixed level)

Happy Ever After by John Robinson

Throwin' Dirt by John Robinson

Come Waste My Time by John Robinson

Danger Twins by Karl-Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield

Counting Cars by Steve Korle (Not Filmed) 

4/2/22 with Steve Cavanaugh & Forty

AB Wild Hearts c. Steve Cavanaugh

Rockin' with Ms Jody c. Steve Cavanaugh

Stray Cat Strut c. unknown

Don't Rush Baby c. Denise LaCroix Brault

Cabaret c. Steve Cavanaugh

Out of My Mind c. Lorna Cairns

What makes you Country c. Rob Holley 

3/19/22 with Chris Jacques & Forty

LDFunk (CBA 2022) c. Daniel Trepat,  José Miguel Belloque Vane & Jean-Pierre Madge

Rewritten c. Willie Brown

Sugarbird c. Heather Barton & Jef Camps

45 Degrees c. Ria Vos (Review)

Easy Flow c. Forty (floor Split for Nu Flow by MIL)

I'm On My Way c. Maggie Gallagher 

2/12/22 with Chris Jacques & Forty

Have A Good Time c. Rachael McEnaney

1 MINUS 1 c. Forty Arroyo (floors split)

45 Degrees c. Ria Voz 

Even Easier c. Bradley Mather & Forty Arroyo 

Get Drunk Get Loud c. Rob Holley 


11/6/21 Mixed Level with Special Guest - John Robinson


10/23/21 with Kevin & Meléna Richards 


Keep Up If You Can (a.k.a Dancin' Boots) c. Hana Ries

I’d Look GoodOn You c. Sarah Caldwell, Charlie Bowring & Rob Fowler

Gives Me Shivers c. Brandon Zahorsky

Let Me Do My Thing c. Trevor Thorton & Jason Turner

Thriller EZ c. David Levesque

8/28/21 with Donna Russell-McCarthy & Forty Arroyo  


 Love Sweet Love c. Stephane Beauchamp & Jung Hee Min

REVIEW: Mack The Knife c. Rachael McEnaney-White  

REVIEW: Sweet Little Madelyn c.Forty Arroyo

LESSON: My Bestie c. Colin Ghys & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

REVIEW: The Wolf c. Jonno Lieberman

REVIEW: Me Pase c. Muki Matohir Royal ( blocked)

REVIEW: Bring It To Me c. Daniel Trepat  (encore teach by request)

REVIEW: Feel A Bit c. Forty Arroyo

REVIEW: Donna: Sun On a Black Sky c. JoshuaTalbot

REVIEW: Just A Drop c. Forty Arroyo 

8/14/21 with Donna Russell-McCarthy & Forty Arroyo 

What a Song Can Do c. Heather Barton and Andrew Hayes 

Just A Drop c. Forty Arroyo 

Sun On a Black Sky c. Joshua Talbot

Encore teaches

Lost in the Summer c. Monica Bhasin, Rhoda Lai. Rob Fowler

Crush, c. Misuk La 

Sweet Little Madelyn c. Forty Arroyo 

7/31/21 with Kevin & Melena Richards and Forty Arroyo

 Mack The Knife (classic oldie) c. Rachael McEnaney-White

Get Your Hands Up c. Rob Holley

Strong & Sweet c.  Ann-Jeanett Ramsvatn

Get It Rockin' c. Lisanne Winters

Sweet Little Madelyn c. Forty Arroyo

I Need You, You, You c. Jill Weiss 

7/10/21 with Ginger Kozlowski, Steve & Laurie Cavanaugh and Forty Arroyo  

Dancing on Dangerous c. Val Saari

I Got Bar Friends c. Rob Holley

Disco Party Night c. Ivy DeChant

Diamond Studded Shoes c. Jamie Barnfield

Lost in the Summer c. Monica Bhasin, Rhoda Lai, Rob Fowler & ICE 

Lost Without Cha c. Gaye Teather

Feel A Bit c. Forty Arroyo - Encore Teach 

Me Pase c. Muki Matohir Royal

6/26/21 with Donna Russell-McCarthy & Forty Arroyo

Crush c. Misuk La

Swing Little Man (to Miss Kiss Kiss Bang) c. Forty Arroyo 

Float Ya’ Boat c. Ria Vos

Hope You’re Happy c. Steve Cavanaugh

1159 c. Rachael McEnaney-White

Brand New Buzz c. Dan Albro & Randy Pelletier

Rhythm of The Falling Rain c. Karen Lee

Chewing Gum c, Rosie & Bruno Multari 

6/12/21 with Michelle Wright & Forty Arroyo

Everything's Gonna Be Okay c. Mandy Eades

Beautiful Morning c. Rosie Multari (Encore teach: snippet from previous workshop)

Drinks Well With Others c. Michelle Wright

Party Like Post Malone c. Michelle Wright (Maiden Teach, introduced at The Hayloft)

Chewing Gum c. Bruno & Rosie Multari

Not filmed - Oscar Swings c. Lynne Martino & Rona Kaye (next time) 

5/22/21 With Chris Jacques & Forty Arroyo

Celebrate c. Hana Ries (warm up)

Little Bit Salty c. Rob Holley (warm up)

Vibes c. Karl Harry Winson & Jamie Barnfield  

Break, Stop & Go c. Forty Arroyo (encore teach)

The Wolf c. Jonno Liberman  

Salt, Lime & Tequila c. Michelle Wright (encore teach)

Midnight Mess Around c. Adia Nuño (encore teach)

5/8/21 with Kevin Richards & Forty Arroyo 

Raise Em Up (Remix) c. Val Saari 

Little Bit Salty c. Rob Holley

Celebrate c. Hana Ries

Salt Line & Tequila c. Michelle Wright 

Break, Stop & Go c. Forty Arroyo

Just Fab c. Kerry Maus & Lisa McCammon 

4/24/21 with Donna Russell McCarthy & Forty Arroyo   

A Beautiful Morning c. Rosie Multari (warm - up)

I’m Sticking With You c. Jennie Berry

Feel A Bit c. Forty Arroyo 

Captain c. Joshua Talbot

What Would I Be (Without You) c. Rosie Multari

I’m On Fire c. Yvonne Anderson

Good Girl c. Forty - Fun

(a Hayloft Floor Split for “Blurred Lines” by R McEnaney-White& A Centeno)


4/10/21  With Steve & Laurie Cavanaugh & Forty

In It For The Love c. Steve Cavanaugh

A Beautiful Morning c.Rosie Multari

Liquid Sunshine c. Raymond Sarlemijn & Ira Weisburd (encore teach)

What Would I Be (Without You) c. Rosie Multari

Always Next To Me c. Jennifer Jones (encore teach)

A Little Burn c. Forty Arroyo

3/27/21 with Donna Russell-McCarthy

Once Upon A December c. Jo Thompson-Szymanski,

Donna - I’m of fire c. Yvonne Anderson

Take Me Home c. Maddison Glover (walk-thru by request)

Blow Me A Kiss by Brenda Shatto

Half The Moon c. Forty Arroyo (encore teach by request)

Where Oh Where c. Jo Thompson Szymanski (encore teach by request)


3/13 Friendly (with Steve & Laurie)

What Happens Next - Julia Wetzel

That’s Right Mambo by Max Perry

Good Ole Days - Steve Cavanaugh (Encore)

Forty: Smokey Places c. Michele Perron

Always Next to Me - Jennifer Jones


2/27 Friendly (with Donna)

Where Oh Where, Jo Thompson Szymanski

Wanna Make You Happy c. Rosie Multari

The Captain c. Joshua Talbot

Never Can Tell At The Hayloft c. Forty Arroyo 

Cover Me Up With Love c. David Hoyn and Grace David

You’re The Cream In My Coffee c. Steve Cavanaugh

Just Wanna Dance c. Brenda Holcomb


2/13 Friendly (with Steve & Laurie)

Rock & Roll Waltz  c. Max Perry (just a bit)

Midnight Mess Around  c. Adia Nuño  

Eeny Meny Miny Mo  c. Lynne Martino (oldie but goodie)

Mudbuggin'  c. Steve Cavanaugh

Gotta Good Feeling  c. Bruno & Rosie Multari (encore teach)

Valentine  c. Raymond Sarlemijn


1/30 Friendly (withSteve & Laurie)

Take Me Home c. Maddison Glover (encore teach)

Coastin' c. (classic oldie) c. Ray & Tina Yoeman

Let It Be Salsa- c. Chika Hapsari & Roosamekto Mamek

Save Your Kisses (encore teach) c. Mark Furnell & Chris Godden

Blame It On The Boogie c. Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & Darren Bailey

Half The Motion c. Forty Arroyo   

Undivided c. Jeanne Chamas


1/16 Friendly (with Donna)

Save Your Kisses c. Furnell & Chris Godden

Take Me Home c. Madison Glover

Love Letters Waltz c. Frank Trace - Review

Love You Cha, c. Grace David

Half The Motion c. Forty Arroyo


1/2 Chris & Forty  – mixed level

Chris Jacques & Forty Arroyo (January 2, 2021)

Wintergreen by Maggie Gallagher

Ale Chiquito Ale by Forty Arroyo




12/12 Friendly (with Steve)

It’s Only Human c. Rhoda Lai

Tajimi Time c. Michael Barr

La Mucara Walk c. John Steel

Liquid Sunshine c. Raymond Sarlemijn & Ira Weisburd

Sweet Little Something c. Dan Albro ( if time allows)


11/28  Friendly (with Donna)

Moses Roses Toeses by Amy Glass

Gravity by Bryan McWherter

Bring it to me by Daniel Trepat

Whatever, Whatever by Forty Arroyo

(floor split for whatever Happens by Bogan & Kline)

Cover Me Up With Love by David Hoyn & Grace David


11/14 Friendly (with Steve)

Nada Mambo  c. Max Perry

Crystal Touch  c. Maddison Glover & Claire Bell

Drink Drank Drunk  c. Rachael McEnaney-white

Too Much To Ask  c. Tina Argye

Broke  c. Michelle Wright

Let Tt Swing  c. Jamie Barnfield

Good Ole Days c. Steve Cavanaugh


10/24 Friendly  (with Donna)

Daydream by Jo Thompson Szymanski

Just Keep Falling by Darren Bailey

Love Letter Waltz by Frank Trace

Pick Up The Phone by Niels Poulsen

Silver Heaven by Forty Arroyo

Do You Believe In Magic by Duma Kristine S


10/10/20 (Friendly with Kevin) – no combined snippets video

Higher & Higher c.Max Perry

Skeletons In My Closet c. Kevin Richards

Bird Dog c. Kevin Richards


9/27 Friendly (with Steve)

Love Overtime c. Rhoda Lai

Romeo & Juliet c. Lynne Martino

All Night c. Stephen Pistoia

MDC c. Rosie Multari & Bryan McWherter

Weekend Ruined c. Rob Holley

Muffin by The Pool c. Forty Arroyo


7/12 Friendly  (with Steve)

Be The Light c. Willie Brown

Ain't Too Proud by Adrian Churm

You're The Hero  c. Niels Poulsen & Shane McKeever

I Can't Stand The Rain c. Jill Kaufman-Wiess

Whiskey Does It (done to Mambo Baby)

One Wall Waltz (done to Rita's Waltz)


1/4/20  Friendly  (with Steve, Kevin)

Beer In Mexico  c. Dan Albro

Go Country  c. Lisa Johns-Grose

Must be the whiskey  c. Theresa Johnson

Sa-Shea Away c. Forty Arroyo

There was this Girl  c. Stephen Pistoia & Laura Stanton

It’s a cold beer kind of night c. Phil Nader …

My Two Step Queen c. Steve Cavanaugh

Swing Little Man  c. Forty Arroyo