Snippets - Int/Adv Dances Taught

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7/9/22 with Bradley Mather & Forty

Diego c. Rebecca Lee

You Make Me Feel Like c. Bradley Mather

Hold On c. Fred Whitehouse

6/25/22 with Steve Lescarbeau & Forty

Celia's Salsa - by Forty Arroyo & Steve Cavanaugh

Been Good Knowing Ya by Steve Lescarbeau

You Didn't by Wil Bos

Wild Child by Scott Blevins

Don't Overthink It by Chris Jacques 

5/21/22 with Donna Russell-McCarthy and Forty

Cut Me Loose by Fred Whitehouse

Celia’s Salsa by Forty Arroyo & Steve Cavanaugh

Chasing Shots by Maddison Glover and Simon Ward

Love Is A Fire by Shelly Guichard/Kate Sala/Dee Musk 

4/16/22 with Dunja Hein

Amor De Verdad by Dunja Hein

Poco Loco by Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Zig Zag by Scott Blevins & Fred Whitehouse 

2/5/22 with Chris Jacques

1/22/22 Special Workshop with Bradley Mather

1/8/22 with Chris Jacques & Forty - Jan 8, 2022

12 MONTHS – 2021

12/4/21 with Ginger Kozlowski and Sarah Preston-Britto

11/20/21 with Chris Jacques

10/30/21 with Chris Jacques 

Madness c. Vicky St. Pierre (encore teach)

Never Calming Down

Chris Jacques’ new dance DEBUT 

Latin Fusion c. Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Scott Blevins (Review)

Everbody’s Groovin’ (Encore Teach) 

c. Jo Thompson Szymanski and Rhoda Lai

9/11/21  Prepping For Scott with Steve Cavanaugh & Forty

Choreography by Scott Blevins et al

Lil Mama - with Jo Thompson-Szymanski

What a man gotta do - with Amy Glass

The bounce - with Jo Thompson-Szymanski

Boys - with Joey Warren

Drive me wild


8/21/21 with Chris Jacques & Dunja Hein 

Cyber drop c. Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever 

Malibu Nights c. Joey Warren

Impossible is Possible c. Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever|

Feed The Fetish c. Scott Blevins 

8/7/21 with Ginger Kozlowski and Forty Arroyo

 Hey Gringo c. Ria Voz

Madelyn c. Darren Bailey – Encore teach/Full Review

Just Let Go c. Dan & Addison Albro

Would have loved her – Ecore teach/Full Review 

7/24/21 with Chris Jacques & Forty Arroyo

Madelyn c. Darren Bailey 

Do My Thing c. Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Scott Blevins  (Walk thru/Review)

Bed c. Paul Steinborn, Lisa Altenkirch & Emma Ruhnau

Walkin’ On Me c. Scott Blevins (Classic oldie) – 

Wait For It c. Chris Jacques – (Walk thru/Review) 

7/17 with Donna Russell-McCarthy & Forty Arroyo  

Dance Before You Leave Me: c. Maggie Gallagher

Do My Thing c. Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Scott Blevins

No Expectations c. Jason Takahashi

Would Have Loved Her c. Darren Bailey


6/19 Review Day with Chris Jacques & Forty arroyo

6/5 with Bradley Mather Pro 

 Bang Bang c. Scott Blevins

CABO-LEST c. Forty Arroyo

Put The Gun Down c. Bradley Mather

Strip It Down c. Rachael McEnaney-White

5/1 with Donna Russell-McCarthy

Gleefully There c. Rachael McEnaney-White

Beautiful In My Eyes c. Simon Ward

I'm Here For You c. Amy Glass-Bailey


4/17 With Donna Russell-McCarthy &  Forty at The Hayloft Barn

Country In 3 Michele Burton, Maddison Glo & Jo Thompson Szymanski

Jive Walkin’ C. John H. Robinson (warm up review)

Feel c. Scott Blevins (Review/Encore Teach)

Quit The Show c Jef Camps & Roy Verdonk (new to the barn)

U Beta Think c. Barry Amato & Dean Gambino (Super FUN oldie but Goodie)

Life Is A Lesson c. Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse (Review/Encore teach)

Break Free Cha c. Scott Blevins (one wall and Go)

Mesmerised c. Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever


4/3 with Chris Jacques

Good To Go by Scott Blevins

Lil’ Bit by Kelly Cavallaro

Jive Walkin’c. John Robinson  (classic teach)

The Music In You c. Rona Kaye/ Encore Teach/Review

Just Fab c. Kerry Maus & Lisa McCammon

Pink Champagne c. Rachael McEnaney

The Queen c. Lemaire, Richard & Bachellerie

Chris dancing his Shoot My Shot


3/20 Int/Adv with Donna Russell McCarthy

Break Free Cha c. Scott Blevins (Classic)

Truth Be Told by Maddison Glover

Lil’ Bit c. Kelly Cavallaro (Encore teach)

Limelight by Fred Whitehouse (Encore teach by request)


3/7 Int/Adv with Kevin Richards

One Foot c. Addison Albro & Dan Albro  (encore teach) not filmed

LiL Bit c. Kelly Cavallaro

Razor Sharp c. Stephen Sunter (a classic)

One Of Them Girls c. Laura Woyaffe

Go Grease Lightning c. Michele Burton (a classic)


3/6 Int/Adv with Chris Jacques

Good To Go c. Scott Blevins

A Dollar c. Forty Arroyo

The Queen c. Rémi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard & Gaëtan Bachellerie

Tears of Gold c. Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Reviewed by not filmed:

Wasted On You c. Julia Wetzel,

My First c. Lynne Martino,

Pink Champagne c. Rachael McEnaney-White


2/28 Int/Adv with Steve & Laurie Cavanaugh

We warmed up with Salsaria c. Max Perry

I've Seen It All - Gary O'Reilly

My First c. Lynne Martino (oldie but goodie)

Perfect World - Dan Albro

Wasted On You c. Julia Wetzel


2/21 Int/Adv with Paula Frohn (snippet 20&21)

One Foot c. Addison Albro & Dan Albro

Tears of Gold c. Gary O’reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Road Less Traveled c. Paula Frohn

Gotta Good Feeling c. Rosie & Bruno Multari (Quick walk thru)

Ale, Chiquito Ale c. Forty Arroyo (Quick walk thru)

Syncopated Kiss c. Forty Arroyo​

Syncopated Love c. Dan Albro


2/20 Int/Adv with Chris Jacques (snippet 20&21)

The Music In You c. Rona Kaye

Pink Champagne c. Rachael McEnaney-White

Love Overtime c. Rhoda Lai (encore by request)

You You You c. Darren Bailey (encore teach/ Review)

Dive Bar Saints c. Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto (encore teach/Review)


2/14 Int/Adv with Steve & Laurie Cavanaugh

You, You, You - Darren Bailey

Smooth Operator c. Michael Barr, Ruben Luna & Scott Schrank

Jesse James – c. Rachael McEnaney (classic oldie – encore teach)

Salsaria c. Max Perry


2/6 Int/Adv with Donna Russell-McCarthy

Country In 3: Michele Burton, Maddison Glover, and Jo Thompson Szymanski

Sway This Way c. Felicia and Diandra Doble (encore teach by request)

Something That You Want:  Darren Bailey and Amy Glass Bailey

Just Fly Away c. Rebecca Lee, Sobrielo Philip Gene & Junghye Yoon

Mesmerized:  Fred Whitehouse and Shane McKeever

Drive Me Wild c. Scott Blevins


1/31 Int/Adv with Chris Jacques -  REVIEW workshop

Feel c. Scott Blevins

Tik Tok Love c. Dwight Meessen & José Miguel Belloque Vane

Poetry In Motion c. MIL

Once Upon A December c. Jo Thompson-Szymanski

Pieces c. Dustin Betts



1/23 Int/Adv with Donna Russell-McCarthy

Cry To Me c. Paul McAdam

Limelight c. Fred Whitehouse

My Way Salsa c. Tutuk Kusdaryanti & Phopy Yulianti

Foolish c. Darren Bailey

Rolling Stone (Encore Teach) c. Niels Poulsen


1/9 Int/Adv with Chris Jacques

Poetry In Motion (classic) c. Masters In Line

Hurts Like A Cha Cha - Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat & Fred Whitehouse

MJ Bad c. Philip Sobrielo


1/2 Chris Jacques & Forty  – mixed level

Chris Jacques & Forty Arroyo (January 2, 2021)

Wintergreen by Maggie Gallagher

Ale Chiquito Ale by Forty Arroyo


12 MONTHS – 2020


12/19 Int/Adv with Donna Russell-McCarthy

I’m Here For You by Amy Glass Bailey

Gigolo Masculino c. Forty Arroyo

Beautiful Madness by Maggie Gallagher

Summertime Cha c. Max Perry  (no video available)

Rolling Stone by Niels Poulsen***


11/21 Int/adv with Kevin Richards

Loving On You c. P. V. Ongert & C. Summerfruit

Wine, Beer & Whiskey c. Dan Albro

Party Time c. Kathy Hunyadi

Fiona c. Michael Barr

Whatever Happens by Liz Bogan & Ron Kline


11/7 Int/Adv with Sarah Preston-Britto

Ocean of Glitter by James Paul

Loyal Brave True by Rob Fowler

Arriba by Max Perry & Kathy Hunyadi

Street Soul by Masters In Line


10/31 Int/Adv with Chris Jacques

Hurts Like A Cha Cha by Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat & Fred Whitehouse

Sway This Way by Felicia Doble & Diandra Doble.


10/17 Int/Adv with Donna Russell-McCarthy

Sweet Attraction c. Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard, & Dee Musk

Vivacious c. ShaBeDa (ol’ classic)

Life Is A Lesson  c. Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse

Imagine c. Bryan McWherter (ol’ classic)

Do or Die  c. Ria Vos


10/3 Int/Adv with Chris Jacques – no combined snippet video

Drive Me Wild (classic)

Pieces by Dustin Betts (oldie)

Ay Dios Mio (OMG) c. Chris & Forty

I Can’t Wait c. Forty  (only if time allows)


9/13 Int/Adv with Chris Jacques

Slow Burn c. Kathy Hunyadi & John Robinson

Put the Gun down c. Bradley Mather

At Last Blues c. Forty

Jesse James c. Rachael McEnaney-White

Dive Bar Saints c. Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto


7/25 Int/Adv with Kevin Richards

Workin’ Overtime c. Kevin Richards

You Know What I’m Talkin’ About c. Kevin Richards

Weekend Ruined c. Rob Holley

Oh Lord! It's Jack Black c. Todd Lescarbeau


7/19 Int/Adv with Steve & Laurie Cavanaugh

Don't c. Amy Glass

Tik Tok Love  c. Dwight Meessen & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

I Warned Myself c. Rhoda Lai

Keep It Down c. Chris Jacques & Kelly Cavallaro


2/15 Hanging w/ the boyz – Chris Jacques, Kevin Richards & Steve Cavanaugh


Dive Bar Saints by Roy & Fiona

Ocean to Ocean" by David Hoyn, Sobrielo Philip Gene, Grace David, Rebecca Lee

Let’s Fire’t Up by Rebecca Fulford

Familiar by Steve Lescarbeau

What A Man Gotta Do by Scott Blevins & Amy Glass

How Much Time You Got by Betty Moses